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Customized Pricing for Marketing Experts

We recognize that every business is distinct, and that's why we provide personalized pricing packages designed to match your specific demands. Whether you require numerous user accounts, multiple store locations, integration options, or automation for multi-state/country compliance, we offer the flexibility to cater to your requirements.

Single store or brand

$499/ per month
Includes 1000 free SMS messages
Plus $0.01 per SMS you send.
Add $600/m for fully managed service.
  • We handle the setup, just log in
  • Single Location
  • Compliance Automation
  • Customer Audience Builder
  • Effortless Store Reviews Management
  • Boost Engagement with SMS
  • Tailor-Made Loyalty Program
  • Predict and Understand Customer Purchases
  • Access Market Analytics
  • Dedicated Phone Support
Popular for 2+ stores

  • Craft a bundle that perfectly fits your business size, aspirations, and financial plan. Our committed team will collaborate closely with you to grasp your goals and devise a pricing scheme that balances expenses while furnishing you with vital functions and competencies essential for prospering in the e-commerce arena.

    Enjoy the liberty of a bespoke pricing structure and tap into the complete potential of our revolutionary software solutions to bolster your business triumph. Reach out to us today to delve into personalized pricing possibilities and embark on the initial phase toward untroubled e-commerce undertakings.

Features That Delight Everyone


  • All your preferred tools in one unified place
  • Enhance and unify customer records
  • Resolve online and offline customer identities
  • Integrate analytics, POS, marketing, and data seamlessly
  • Work stress-free with well-organized data
  • Deliver the right data to the right teams


  • Ensure data and promotion compliance by geographic region
  • Confidence in clean and usable data
  • Synchronize integration opt-out settings
  • Protect against SMS marketing blacklist
  • Compliance with GDPR regulations
  • Adherence to CCPA regulations


  • Create a powerful audience builder
  • Access 10+ pre-installed audiences
  • Segment customers by buyer traits
  • Sort orders based on predictions
  • Design funnels based on live interactions
  • Override geographic compliance settings


  • Synchronize your audience with marketing integrations
  • Plan offline promotions with analysis mapping
  • Conduct SMS campaigns
  • Track conversions and attributions
  • Automate the collection of store reviews
  • Gain insights into when and what to promote


  • Implement a loyalty points accrual system
  • Create customizable discounting tiers
  • Utilize branded loyalty onboarding methods
  • Employ macros for personalized offers
  • Track offers, redemptions, and conversions comprehensively
  • Manage loyalty program risks effectively


  • Conduct geo and competitor analysis with interactive mapping
  • Access detailed order analytics
  • Benefit from marketing machine learning insights
  • Review per-user order and event history
  • Manage on-site events efficiently
  • Assess marketing and destination performance effectively

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